Frequently Asked Questions:: Answers

What are your Payment Methods?

Here is our commonly requested methods of Payment for International Customers:

  • PayPal
  • Western Union
  • SWIFT Transfer

additional methods for Australian Customers Only:

  • Cheque
  • Money Order
  • Credit Card - Australian Residences

Who shall I make payments out to

Please address all payments to: ATU Internet

I made a payment, when will my service(s) get activated?

If you made a payment via Western Union or SWIFT/Bank Transfer we will need to verify the transfer. If you are an Australian customer and you sent in a personal cheque, then you will need to wait until the cheque is cleared. Money Orders and Credit Card payments generally activates your service(s) almost immediately.

Once this is done we will credit the account accordingly.

How long does it take to activate my service(s)?

Most services are activated instantly, some services do reload every 5-10 minutes such as DNS or EMAIL services. We normally advise upfront any delays in activation.

Instant activatation does not apply to:

  • Port INs
  • Hardware
  • manual services

Why is VoIP PrePaid, but Line Rental is PostPaid?

The best way we have found to manage our growing network was to keep the sale of minutes PrePaid. This limits the liability of both parties. Service rental such as DIDs, Hosted PBXes and other 'recurring' services is charged on a PostPaid account. These recurring charges will show in your Tax Invoice.

Payments for VoIP minutes, how do I make them?

There is a variety of ways to make payments, the real-time solutions include PayPal and for selected customers CreditCard.

For our current payment methods please review our Reference Book.

I hear a single tone in my handset instead of the trill dialtone, is it faulty?

No, the single tone you hear through your handset indicates that the number you dial will be routed through the internet and not through the landline. If you hear a trill dialtone instead of the single tone, then it means that any numbers you dial will go through your landline.

I get a voice message "Your call cannot be completed as dialed" when I make a call out.

Even with local numbers you will need to dial the area code prefix in front of the number.

How do I dial an internationally?

Dial 0011 + Country Code + Area Code + Number
for example, to call a number in Los Angeles, California, you would dial: 0011 (international dialing prefix) 1 (for country code) 213 (area code for Los Angeles) and then the rest of the number.

I dial the number, the call doesn't go through and I get silence.

Verify that you Router is connected to the internet by browsing to a website. If the browser cannot open a page, then your internet is down and you will need rectify that first. If the internet is definitely on then it means that the VoIP connection details you entered in the router is incorrect. Please re-enter them in and save the configuration. Then turn the Router off for 5 minutes and turn it back on. Typically on the VoIP routers there is a light that indicates a VoIP connection. If it does not come on then please contact us Support on 02 8332 3000.

I'm having problems hearing the other person on the call, what can I do?

If this happens, and the other person can hear you loud and clear, then make sure that you or any other computer within your local area network is not hogging the broadband connection. You can either tell them to stop downloading or to fix this issue permanently you can activate QoS (Quality of Service) in the Router to prioritize Voice data packets that is going through your router.

When I go to make a call, I am asked to enter in my complete number and the call won't go through?

This means that your Prepaid credit is too low and you will not be able to make a call until you have increased the credits.

How will I know when to top up my Prepaid VoIP account?

If your balance is below a nominated "low balance" figure (by default it is $5.00), then an email will be sent to notify you to top up your account. Alternatively you can log into Control to check your VoIP balance.

I have another employee, how do I set them up with their own phone extension.

If you have a managed service agreement with ATU, then you may ring Customer Service on 02 8332 3000 and we can do it all for you remotely. Otherwise we can perform the task for a minimum fee.

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