Email to Fax

Its easy to send a fax now with an Email.

These following steps will enable you to send faxes using your email program.

Currently ONLY PDF attachments are used to send your FAX.

Don't have a fax machine, then no worries. As long as the document you want to send is on your computer and in a pdf format, sending a fax through your email program will be a breeze.

If your documents are not in pdf format !
a simple Google search for "convert to pdf" will show you how.

1. Open up a new email message

Open up a new email message

2. Send the email to your dedicated email gateway

Address this email To your dedicated email fax gateway address, this can be located in the VoIP table in Control. The To: field in the composition of the email is required to be filled in.

3. Enter the recipient's fax number in the Subject

Type the recipient's fax number in the subject line. Include the area code. i.e. 0296993844 for local Australian numbers, or you can use the International Number format such as 61296993844

3a. Up to 20 faxes can be sent with ;

**To send the same fax to multiple fax numbers, simply add ; between numbers in the Subject. Eg. 61296993844;0296993844

4. Attach a PDF document to be faxed.

PDF documents are automatically converted for faxing to the destination. Attach the pdf document to the email.

5. Optional - Fax Cover Sheets

To create a fax cover sheet, you can use the body of the email for this information. This will be then used as the content for a basic and presentable fax cover sheet.

6. Then Send the email

Then hit Send and you're done. The fax is then sent in 5 minutes.

Economicial Faxing and Costs!
Not only whilst saving paper, you will also reduce your costs.

Standard rates apply which is the cost of the call.

So for international and timed local calls the charge would be the per minute rate for each sheet (including the cover sheet) and for untimed calls no fixed page limit applies.

Questions and Feedback

If you need support or have a technical question, you can