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adminGUI is the platform designed to run your network and business.


Please make sure your system meets our Requirements.


This complicated system was designed in less than 1 year. It features are extensive and we are collating the information and we will be making it publicly available.

Here is a breif list of features and functions:

  • fully fluid and collapsible web application
  • able to run on small screens and wide screens
  • 9 dedicated window panes, for information seperation
  • Real-Time database searches and look-ups for VoIP calls
  • Integrated messaging
  • Embedded twitter client
  • Integrated CRM and Invoicing.

Common Use - Overview

This platform integrates a CRM + your VoIP service, so every time your VoIP service recieves a call the CRM will search its database for a matching record.

The results of the search is returned in a dedicated 'Results' window. This all happens before the first ring, you then know whom is calling on your phone.

Getting Started

Adding Customers

Exact Match Search on Incoming Calls

Work in progress

This documentation page is not yet complete. We are working hard to complete this information as soon as possible.

Questions and Feedback

If you need support or have a technical question, you can