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Control @ ATU - User Guide


Control is the user website for managing your resources. This guide is structured so that it mimics the layout of the Control site.

User Guide to Control @ ATU


This page contains the latest information about our service(s).

My Account

In this section of the site you can view your invoices, running balance, edit your billing address and contact numbers and pay your bill using a credit card.

  • Account Details
  • Change Control Password
  • Invoices
  • Pay My Bill


At this stage, the only thing you can do in this section, besides view the username(s) of your corresponding service(s) is Start and Stopp your VPS (Virtual Public Server) if you have any.

  • Active Services

Check Usage

  • Check Usage


  • Account Info
  • Call History
  • Rates
  • Make a VoIP Payment
  • Send SMS
  • Web Phone
  • Inbound Numbers

Purchase New Service

Tabbed List of services available for purchasing, includes: Hosted Services, Virtual Public Servers, VoIP, Managed Services and Hardware.


Work in progress

This documentation page is not yet complete. We are working hard to complete this information as soon as possible.

Questions and Feedback

If you need support or have a technical question, you can