Virtual Public Server Solutions and Plans

For the IT Expert or the Internet Enthusiast.


  • Fully self contained
  • Root access
  • Connected to our backbone
  • Easy to setup and get started
  • Includes 1 Dedicated IP Address


  • No setup cost
  • No hardware cost
  • Low monthly cost
  • Instant activation

Owning a server can become very costly, due to the initial cost of purchasing the hardware, the huge monthly fee to have it co-located at a data centre and if it breaks down, the cost of replacing hardware parts.

If you don't want the hassle that goes with running your own server, then opt for an ATU Virtual Public Server or VPS for short. It's an economical and streamline way to run your server.

Over 10 ready-made VPS templates to start you off.

Virtual Server Specs:
* 5GB data traffic
* 1GB storage
* 512MB dedicated memory
* Root access

With over 10 unique VPS templates to choose from, you're not limited to just one thing.

Here are some of the most popular templates:
Debian Drupal Wordpress Joomla CentOS Ubuntu fedora MediaWiki SugarCRM

So how much do one of these Virtual Public Servers cost to run?

As little as $13.20 per month, and no setup fee! awesome!

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