Simple Outbound Telephone Calls

The Quickest way to make an impact on the bottom line of your telephone bill.

The best way to start using VoIP with standard telephone equipment is with a VoIP ADSL Router/modem, such as Billion VoIP Routers. These come with either one or two standard telephone port connections.

Remember: To get the best quality, use at least 128k
To ensure general Quality of Service, we do recommend that ADSL2+ to be used where possible.

Once the router is connected to the internet and you have plugged a telephone into the VoIP port of the Router, you can activate your VoIP account in Control. The connection details is then emailed to you. These details are then entered into the Billion Router.

When you pick up the handset, you will hear a single tone for a dialtone, unlike the trill sound you would normally hear on a landline. This means that calls dialed will be routed over the internet and you will be taking advantage of cheaper calls.

Inbound Termination

We can port your standard telephone number on our voice network allowing you to receive calls through your VoIP account. This will enable you to be free from your location. When you move, your numbers will move with you, even if you moved to another state.

Questions and Feedback

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