Email to SMS

Send an SMS using your email program

To use this service
You will have to activate VoIP on your account first. If you have not done so click on Control and do it now.

1. Compose a new email

Compose a new email message.

2. Send the email To your dedicated email gateway

Address this email To your dedicated email SMS gateway address, this can be located in the VoIP tab in Control. The To: field in the composition of the email is required to be filled in.

3. Enter the recipient's mobile number in the Subject

Type the recipient's mobile number in the subject line. Include the area code. i.e. 0414461604 for local Australian numbers, or you can use the International Number format such as 61414461604

3a. Up to 20 SMS' can be sent with ;

To send the same SMS to multiple numbers
simply add ; between numbers in the Subject.

Eg. 61414461604;0414461604

4. Enter your Message in the body

Type your message in the body of the email.

Please be aware

Messages that exceed 160 characters will fail and will not be processed.

5. Click Send

Click Send and you're done!

Questions and Feedback

If you need support or have a technical question, you can