VoIP - Voice calls over the Internet

Our prepaid voip plans operate on a premium grade voip network. This in turn increases the sound quality of the calls you make.

Complete VoIP Solutions

With our complete voip and phone solutions, we can customise to suit your needs from the small business phone systems to complete voip solutions.


  • Instant activation
  • Prepaid
  • Premium grade phone calls
  • No contracts
  • No obligations

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Customised VoIP and Phone Solutions for your situation

More and more businesses are starting to use VoIP. Contact us about more customised voip solutions to work with your business. We're happy to help!

The Ultimate Voice Solution

This is the solution our customers finally end up with:
Integrated Voice Solutions

By choosing to utilise the new Aastra 6739i IP Phone which has built-in Bluetooth will allow you to combine a Plantronics Voyager Pro Headset with your Bluetooth compatible mobile phone. Then you will be connected to both phones at once with no wires. This results in a very flexible cordless solution along you to maintain calls whilst walking around the office. Bluetooth has a range of about 10 metres.