• Premium 1902 DID numbers available POA.
  • Partnered with ISP.net.au
  • No long support hold times
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  • You can activate your account instantly with PayPal.
  • Our voice solutions come with a Money Back Guarantee.
  • Now keep your telephone number no matter where you are.
  • Port in your Australian Telephone number onto our network and receive these inbound calls anywhere in the world!


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If you have any questions or require a custom solution, feel free to call us now on
1300 304 288.

Web Hosting

You told us that you wanted more for your money! We listened and created these new fantastic Centaur Web hosting plans. You also said that you wanted a way to administer your own website, and with a Centaur Shared Webhosting package you'll have cPanel access to do all that.

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Wholesale Solutions Available

We host a variety of businesses and their custom requirements. Our design and implementation skills include wholesale access to Voice, VoIP, 3G/GPRS data, Hosting and Consulting services. Our skilled engineers are available to help you succeed. Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements, we are confident that we have the solution you require.

We support a variety of access seekers to our wholesale voice and data platform. Part of our solution includes our Real-Time Web2.0 IBES Management Interface. Instant provisioning of 99% of our services is available through our Real-Time Web2.0 IBES Management Interface. It includes APIs for CreditCard gateways, PayPal, Twitter, Real-Time LiveConnect Instant Messenging. Integrated with our Voice Platform you will know who is calling prior to the phone ringing. If they are an existing customer the account will also be loaded instantly.

Range of Service

We offer a complete range of services from Broadband ISP.net.au, Hosted Solutions and Voice CentrixPhone.

Our hosted solutions include shared hosting (see below) and Virtual Public Servers. We do not over sell our CPU cycles.

Our Virtual Public Servers allow us to provide a dedicated and segregated service for you. Customisation of these servers are available at very attractive rates.

MySQL, Email, Web, Ruby, JAVA, RED5 or any other custom setup check out our Virtual Public Servers. They have their own Static IP and an optional firewall.

Voice Services is our speciality. Our voice application servers allow for flexible call routing and interesting integration with CRM's.

Load Balanced Packages

Below you will find our load balanced packages available. With these packages your service is hosted behind an Alteon Load balancer with multiple front end servers. Should you have special requirements feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.