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  • CentrixPhone

    CentrixPhone - VoIP Business Service Provider

    Managed VoIP provider for businesses. Porting available, Local DIDs, Voicemail to Email, Email to SMS, Email to FAX and more.

  • aChannel

    aChannel Video

    aChannel - Online Community TV channel. This test site has been setup for the next generation of video streaming. Full capable streaming IP TV server.

  • IBES

    IBES - adminGUI

    Real-Time Web2 interface. Caller-ID searching of CRM. Instant provisioning of DIDs, Virtual Servers and Instant Messaging for employees. Hosted CRM + VoIP = eBusiness.

  • - Your ISP - Was a subsidary, until launched as an Independent Business Operation. They provide high quality broadband connections for our managed VoIP customers. Available Australia-wide with ADSL/ADSL2+ and Wireless.