Improve your Search Engine ranking !

Imagine more sales because your site comes up in searches more often than before. How is this done? With a simple, easy and efficient way to optimise your website.

Drag 'n' drop web driven interface.

With it's unique drag and drop design interface, you'll be creating your website with ease and you can be instantly online in minutes.

Search Engine Optimisation has never been easier

This SEO WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Solution is ideal for business and people that want a quick, simple and efficient way to create and maintain their website.

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The Virtual Public Server

that gives you quick

and efficient results!

Dedicated servers such as the SEO WYSIWYG VPS can help you Optimise your site for Search Engines.

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WYSIWYG (pronounced /ˈwɪziwɪɡ/) is an acronym for "What You See Is What You Get"

SEO (pronounced /es'ee'O/) is an acronym for "Search Engine Optimisation"

VPS (pronounced /vee'pee'es/) is an acronym for "Virtual Public Server"

A Search Engine Optimisation Friendly "What You See Is What You Get" Web Editor

Creating a website is easy with our SEO-1 hosting package. Once the package is setup, you will have a "clean looking" base website which to work on.

By logging into the Web Editor as admin you can then start editing the site and making it your own.

Screenshot of short

Instant Webpage Editing

Editing the pages is simple and quick. Once you click on the "Save and Close" button your edits are updated live.

There is no need to spend on costly web designers who would charge a fortune.

You'll be able to add:

  • new pages
  • images
  • content
  • media
  • other widgets

There are video tutorials to help you get started.

See how simple it is to edit a page with our SEO-1 Hosting Package

When you're in editing mode of a page. To edit the section you want, all you have to do is click on the Widget tab to open up the editing window. Once you're finished editing just click the "Save and close" button.

Search Engine Optimisation

How can the SEO-1 Hosting Package help with attaining better results in search engines?

When the search engines crawl through your website, what they do is scan the pages for keywords. If you have not entered any keywords in the properties of the page, then the search engine will take it from your page's content.

Just say that you want to target a particular keyword or phrase. Just open up the page's property window by clicking on "Edit page" button, then enter your targeted keywords in the field provided. Hit "Save and close" when you're done.

How easy was that? That page is now optimised for search engines.

Feature List

With an extensive feature list


In Admin, if you have it configured, you will be able to see graphs that can show you Visitors, Hits and Browsers stats.

Multiple Access

This means that while you're working on a page, you can have someone else work on another. This speeds up your website development.

Instant Updates

You can create a page or modify a zone without seeing a line of code. That's the beauty of this Online LIVE Web Editor

Media Library

Keep all your media, images and documents in one simple to access area. If you need to use them just drag it from the Media pane to the Editor window.

Web Developer

And if you're a coder, there are tools for you to utilise to write your own Widgets or rearrange the default layouts.


You can create multiple users. So you can keep track with who edited the page.

Complete Local Support

A friendly customer service representative is always happy to give you a hand. If you've hit a wall, please feel free to ring our technical support team on 02 8332 3030 or filling out the contacts form.

Our support hours:

Monday to Friday
9am - 6pm AEST

Email us:

How much does it cost?

You can have a professional looking website for under $10 per month. That's not even $120 per year!

With it's easy to navigate drag and drop interface, making the website will not only be quick and easy, but will also be fun!

An Advance Web Page Editor That Is Simple To Use

With it's unique WYSIWYG web design capabilities, developing a complex website is made very simple. The interface is a visual html editor where all you see is the text, widgets and images in your chosen sections or zones.

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Flexible and powerful

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Incredible design features

  • no experience in website design required
  • create pages quickly
  • you can edit your site from anywhere
  • multiple people can work on the site simultaneously

To Get Started

  1. Click on the "Buy Now" button above which will redirect you to the ordering pages.

  2. Complete the order and then you've just finished the provisioning of your new SEO WYSIWYG Web Editor.

Please Note

To access your homepage just type in the domain name in your favourite browser.

To enter into admin mode just add a "/admin_dev.php" without the quotes at the end of your URL.

For example: